We have a solid experience of more than 23 years at an official center affiliated with the American Consulate and 4 years as a private consultant, coaching people from high school to post-doctoral degree, all levels and areas of study for all U.S. and European schools.

In all these years helping people to gain access to undergraduate and graduate levels of study, we worked both sides of the process: the bureaucratic one, and the other, more interesting, mainly creative. In this creative side, we help the student to remember, elaborate and maximize all his/her potentials.

A service specialized in guiding and orienting students through the process of gaining admission to universities, such as Harvard, Columbia, NYU, U. of Chicago, Georgetown, U. of Penn, Northwestern, U. of C. Berkeley, UCLA, U. of Virginia, Duke, Cornell, Stanford, Yale, etc and also schools and universities in Europe.

We give orientation from the choice of all universities and their programs to the preparation of applications, resumes, letters of recommendation, transcripts, review of essays, all the necessary required documents, including the final stages of the process: advising about housing, medical forms and Visa documents.